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DIANA is a graphic designer who specializes in the design, production, and management of complex books and publications. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area but works with clients in a variety of locations. Her portfolio includes trade publications, memoirs, cookbooks, hardware and software documentation, game strategy guides, and self-help and business books.


DESIGN STYLE  She approaches her work from an informational design perspective, with a focus on creating clean and accessible designs that make information understandable and effective, yet attractive and interesting.


SOFTWARE EXPERTISE  Her expert computer production skills include software knowledge of InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat, and Illustrator for the Macintosh OS. She works with many of her clients entirely online, creating PDFs for proofing.


CLIENTS  Publishers she has worked with include Apress, IDG Books, Meredith Books, Peachpit Press, PlanningShop, Prima Games, Sybex/Wiley & Sons, and self-publishing specialist Holly Brady. Corporate clients include Apple, Cisco, Intuit, Latitude, Octel, and Sun Microsystems.


REFERENCES  Diana’s references are excellent, and she has an outstanding reputation for effective, creative designs and accurate production. As a quality-driven, results-oriented team player, she listens carefully and communicates effectively with clients and team members.


Publishing Consultant and Editor

"I've worked with Diana on at least a half-dozen books over the past several years. She is a top-notch art director with an excellent design eye and great versatility. Books that she has designed for my authors have won significant prizes in the industry.

"I also choose to work with Diana whenever I can because of her professional demeanor. She knows how to hold to her own high standards of design while working patiently with my clients, helping to lead them through numerous design decisions. I trust what she says when she says it because I know that in the end the results will be of the highest quality. 

"And finally, I know that Diana will set reliable schedules, meet deadlines, and organize and keep track of copious book materials diligently even in the most complex projects. In one such project, she had to organize, design and lay out a 300+-page, oversize hardcover book with hundreds of photos and captions, plus footnotes, front and back material--and she did it all with grace and great care. I highly recommend Diana for all these reasons."


Senior Director, Content Strategy at and LinkedIn Learning

"Diana does fantastic work. We hired her as designer and compositor for covers and interiors of scads of books at Sybex and, before that, at Infotainment World Books. She is a true joy to work with, an exceptional creative with great range, and a fantastic communicator who always delivers top quality work on deadline. I'd work with her again in a heartbeat."


• 2017 Foreword Indie Awards—Bronze Winner for Adventure & Recreation—True North: Hunting Fossils Under the Midnight Sun


• 2016 Foreword Indie Awards—Bronze Winner for Crafts & Hobbies—Tussie-Mussies: A collector’s guide to Victorian posy holders

• 2014 Publishing Professional’s Network— Award Winner for Professional Trade
—Business Plan In A Day (Publisher: The Planning Shop)

• 2011 Independent Book Publishers Association—Benjamin Franklin Award for Excellence in Book Publishing, Gold Winner for Business & Career
—Successful Business Plan (Publisher: The Planning Shop)


• 1990 InternationalTechnical Communications—Award for Excellence in Publication Design
—Apple Computer hardware and software documentation

• 1990 Bookbuilders West Book Show—Award for All-electronic/Desktop Publishing
—Apple Computer hardware and software documentation

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